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"i noticed that your work is really very high quality. i had enough stuff from you that landed on my desk for cutting. it's always very balanced, sometimes sets accents, but is never over the top. "
arne albrecht, my45 & oakfield mastering


„Before the production of the new Vega Album, we created a mastering shootout of the first single, which Dan Suter was able to win. He was up against multiple outstanding German mastering engineers. What we liked best, was the funky sound that Dan put into it. And now after the completed master of the album, the whole production team was very pleased about choosing to work with Dan. Besides refining good mixes, Dan is great in letting the album shine and be the best it can be. This is how we found our guy for good mastering." 

Bosca - Vega, Timeless, Bizzy Montana, Liquit Walker 


„Dan Suter is the first person I go to, when I need a fantastic master, a second opinion or a sensational dinner. For me there is no reason to ever master anywhere else. He is to be seen at the same level with the usual suspects from Übersee."

Sir Jai - Jugglerz, Bausa, Kool Savas, Xavier Naidoo, Xavas, Manillio, Tommy Vercetti, Lo+Leduc, Eldorado FM

„Dan Suter responds to sound-specialties of a broad variety of projects, and every time it leads to the perfect matching end-sound."

Georg Schlunegger, Hitmill - Heimweh, Anna Rossinelli


„Dan Suter works quickly, precisely and intuitively, he works the songs with his experience and the needed level of respect. He is not afraid to go the extra mile to really bring a song to shine. Mastering is always a question of taste, and Dan Suter will do everything to get it to the likes of the artist/producer.”

Ph!L!pp SchweidLer, Department Of Noise GmbH, Musikproduzent - u.a. Caroline Chevin, Marc Sway, Seven"


„If Echochamber was seated in the US, Dan Suter would belong to the international elite since many years. Switzerland is so small, it is more difficult to get  a breakthrough. He always proves in mastering shooutouts though that he belongs to the best of the best, He conquers them all in the blind tests.“

Tommy Vetterli, New Sound Studio  - Coroner, Eluveitie, 69 Chambers, Stahlmann


„There are two words for high quality for a reasonable price, and they are: Dan Suter. He is someone that is very skilled in his area, and familiar with all the facets of it. I learned so much from him. There is a reason that I like to come „home“ again and again.“

Bligg - 5-fach Platin, 4-fach Platin, Bestverkauftes Album 2009


„I enjoy having my songs mastered by Dan because he quickly sees what kind of master my songs need. He searches for very small details and make fine and accurate changes, like a Swiss luxury watchmaker." 

Yvan Peacemaker -Stress, Bligg & many more


„Nothing more reliable than Dan. He sprinkles fairydust all over my mix and changes it to a internationally competing master!“

Serge Krebs - Adele, The Coral, Ray Davies


„We are very happy with your mastering and we were surprised that it changed so much! We never really understood what happens with „mastering“. Everyone just did it and afterwards everything just sounded a little louder... But after you mastered our record, we were finally able to hear the difference. You really highlighted the best of the recordings. Many thanks.“

Anna Rossinelli


"Dan Suter approaches each Record individually, never forcing the sound into an ill-fitting direction but completing it by listening to what it is. He has a very diverse musical background and knowledge that will fit any genre, without operating with Stereotypes."

Evelinn Trouble

"A master should sound better than the mix if played with the same volume, this is how you recognize a good master. Dan’s master can be recognized by the smile on your face after you hear it. With his years of experience and his sense of sound, he doesn’t only get the best out of my mixes – at the same time his honest feedback makes sure I will do better in future. A better mix leads to a better master; sounds like a win-win!“

Frank Acklin - Störsender Studio - Drops, From Dust, Cruel Noise


„I appreciate the musical way that Dan uses in mastering. He gets the song on the right track with his cool equipment and knowhow. Uncomplicated, he is a good sparring partner – the way it should be.“

Cyrill Camenzind - The Voice of Switzerland, Span Album 2013, Stämpf, Reto Burrell


„For me there is no other choice than Dan Suter/Echochamber when it comes to mastering. After over 100 mastered tracks I am still very enthused. The result is always clear, loud when it needs to be loud and very clean. Forever and always...Dan.“

Massivan - Pmusica, Pschent Music, Universal Music Publishing, Hotel Costes Vol.12, Buddha Bar IX, XIII & XV


„Dan Suter complements the mix. He really understands how to respond to individual desires and plays a great part in optimising the complete audio, I take his proposals and judgement very seriously and every time again I am amazed about the endresult!“

Christian Riesen - srf, lea lu, daneewoo


„I always leave Echochamber with two things after mastering: the mastered CD and more knowledge about my work. The CD is always great, if reggae by Phenomden, garagerock by the Lombego Surfern or balkan-gypsy-songs by Prekmurski Kavbojci. Almost equally important are his feedbacks. Where can we improve, where do we need to be careful, what will be liked. Since Dan is working analog, his work has improved even more – in my opinion. It feels because Dan found some renewed pleasure in his work, by challenging himself, added to owning the best equipment is a winning combination. I will come to Echochamber in future as well!“

Luc Montini - lombego surfers, mother razorblade, phenomden, fonxionaires




„Dan’s ears and his tools give my products the last finishing touch. His subtle edits make the transients dance, and the produced transparency and depth of the audio, convince me time and time again. Mastering is a matter of trust after a long production period. That is why.... Dan Suters Echochamber!“ 

Jeannot Steck, Produzent, Composer & Sound Engineer, Soundcheck Studio Bachenbülach - Lee "Scratch" Perry, Philippe Chrétien, Maya Turbo, Alex Wilson


„Since about 10 years Dan is my first choice when it comes to mastering. Quality is always his first priority. What fascinates me about Dan, is his ability to get the maximum out of the mix and all this with an incomparable professional competence and passion.“

Roman Frischknecht - Anna Känzig, Biggles, Lea Lu, Ian Constable


„Dan is playing in the big league. He is very precise and musical, and always gets absorbed by the material he receives.“

Pele Loriano - Sina, Michael von der Heide, Kandlbauer, George, Span


„The best thing about working together with Dan, is the knowledge that he has a set of experienced ears. With challenging material, I have the certainty that in the end, it sounds the way it supposes to sound. Even my best mixes return with that extra „va-va-vavoom“, which has well-made music sound like an album. Every aspect adds up, consistently, since many years.“

Matthias 'Mr.Mento' Tobler - Stereo Luchs, Phenomden


„Since a long time now I have enjoyed working together with Dan. We like each other and are able to profit from mutual constructive criticism. The end result always thrilled bands again and again.“

Ralph Zünd, 2INCH-RECORDS  - Claude Diallo, Span, Stämpf, Polution, Anderhub


„Dan clears out the bass and cleans the sound up. With his amazing selection of analog outboards, he knows how to shape the mix characteristics. Just fantastic!“

bjoern bredehoeft - foolpark


„To make a song louder, is in everyone’s capacity. To understand the mix and bring out the essence yet again, is what Dan did with every single one of my jobs.“

Nico Giannelli - lariba, kejnu, serpentine


„Since years I have been working together with Dan and his mastering has become part of my mixes now. Mastering for Dan is not a solely technical job, he greatly supports the emotions that I try to create in my work! I recommend all my customers to have Dan take care of their masterjobs.“

Cédric Habermacher - foolpark studios


„Dan’s mastering has been a part of my work for years now, and also his feedback is unrivalled. His perfect hearing and musicality complete my mixes. He goes at the material joyfully and reliably turns it into the best it can be, every time again!“
Sebastian Schiess - SOS basement Recordingstudio - Defender, Port of Call, Kill the Unicorn, Hellvetica uvm.


„Listening to a variety of test masterings is like a wine tasting, where a noble drop is standing out; full, transparent, warm and with the necessary depth, but especially full of passion. Standing out weren’t Dan’s masterings from Übersee, but the international sounding versions! How you treat our music, living it and topping it off, means a lot to us.“



„What does it take to get a top mastering? Good ears, a lot of knowhow and experience, as well as a pinch of magic. All qualities that Dan possesses. My various styled tracks became pressure, got cleaned and balanced in Echocamber.“

Eric Hunziker - q-point, dogon, neuromodulator


„Working with Dan Suter is a real joy. His experience, his passion for sound and his direct and positive way create the perfect requirements for a pleasant and above all a very satisfying collaboration. I recommend Dan in a heartbeat.“

Dominik Laim - Produzent ICF Zürich


„If the „Dan Suter effect“, would be a thing in 19 Inch, then our rack would be full of it. Audio expert Dan knows what he is doing, not only because he has been in the audio world for so long, but also because he has the gift to optimise the sound without contaminating the artistic integrity. Dear Master Dan, we trust your ears!“

Redhouse Records GmbH, Benjamin Schoenacker, Technischer Tonmeister


„If it comes to producing music, I am a hopeless sceptic. At least with a mastering from Dan, I know I did something right.“

James Gruntz - hearthrecordings


„Monsieur Dan is a nerd, in the best meaning of the word. From the mic membrane up to the mastered track, he knows every step of sound development. He would even get up in the middle of the night to get a song to the next level. Dan lives for what he does and it shows.“

Singha Dee - Dee Day Dub


"After a few masterings done with Dan for some really different projects, I'm really impressed by how adaptive he is and how he understands the intentions I had when mixing. And at the end, it sounds GREAT! Definitely a member of the elite of mastering."

Benjamin Bard - BUVETTE, Verveine, The Mondrians

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