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why professional mastering?


your wish is our command! you can count on echochamber to give each song exactly that, what it needs. years of expertise and experience in modern music styles gave echochamber an excellent reputation when it comes to mastering. whether in pop, (indie-)rock, singer/songwriter, hip-hop, dance, jazz or metal. even complex edits, mastering ab stems, DJ-mixes and restauration of audio-material belong to our day-to-day profession.

you can count on us:
•    your product will be handled individually and carefully
•    the master will be in accordance with the standards of the industry
•    the product will be done in due time

 echochamber is responsible for mastering hundreds of audios per year. more than 15 years of experience and over 1000 audio files, which include those by famous artists, define us. we know what your product needs, and you can be assured that your music will stand out, whether it is played on the radio, in a club, at home, in your car or listened to on an iPod. but not only do we master, we are also here to support productions, detect and correct flaws that might have arisen in the recording- or mixing phase.

many audios aren’t solely produced in a professional setting nowadays. the recordings emerge from practicing spaces or even at the artists’ home. more often the mixes were created in rooms, that don’t measure up to the acoustic requirements, mainly produced by the artists themselves or by someone that is not solely experienced with mixing music. a professional mastering can be especially helpful in these cases and straighten out inefficiencies that can’t be noticed directly but are very noticeable once played on the radio. it is always helpful to have an unbiased expert on board, with access to means and experience in the field.

internet mastering

when is, internet mastering the right thing to do?
we enable you to use our services in mastering, within the comfort of your own home, internet mastering is a great solution for mastering a small amount of songs in a short amount of time, in an uncomplicated manner. it might be very useful for example for additional remixes or singles.

processing audio takes time; on a live album, this usually can be done for the whole album before every song gets adjusted individually as well. on a studio album, however the first and last song mostly take much longer to enhance, and the singularities of the production are better known,
to ensure an appealing price deal and at the same time deliver a high-quality analog-master, there needs to exist some sort of flexibility towards the execution of the master, and at the same time a detailed mix feedback needs to be foregone. on top of that, emailing honest feedback to an unknown person, can quickly be interpreted falsely. Experience has taught us that meeting in person and calculating an hourly fee, makes much more sense for bigger projects.

internet-mastering requires sending large data per ftp or a service similar to mydrive or wetransfer.

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