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receive (ean/upc) barcodes + 33 isrc-codes conveniently per mail


you want to produce a cd and need the corresponding codes?
the quickest and easiest solution is to request them from me.


wire CHF 34.- over PayPal and mention:




•    project title
•    album title
•    your mail address


please send me a separate e-mail on top of that with the project- & album title.

this is a low-priced service option, that doesn’t include a consultation, even not per e-mail!

the codes will be sent to you per e-mail, if you don’t know how to use PayPal or you don’t have an account, alternatively you can transfer the amount to me per e-banking:


  • Zürcher Kantonalbank

  • 8010 Zürich/Schweiz

  • swift-nummer: zkbkchzz80a

  • clearing-nr.: 007005

  • IBAN: CH30 0070 0110 6028 0783 2

  • z.H.v:

  • Herrn

  • Dan Suter

  • Genossenschaftsstrasse 13

  • 8050 Zürich

  • Konto: 1106-2807.832


echochamber mastering clients retrieve the isrc codes for free and the barcodes cost CHF 20.- 
more information:



barcode (ean/upc) 

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